My favourite #Egypt revolution tweets

Events have moved quickly in Cairo: President Hosni Mubarak has at last resigned, along with Vice President (and former chief of the thuggish security services) Omar Suleiman. Any comment from me feels superfluous, so instead here is a selection of my favourite responses on Twitter:

Probably the only person in the world who thinks Mubarak went too easily 😉

Observations ranging from the profound to the amusing:

Unsurprising things:

…and some unsolicited advice:

A very good night to everyone, but most especially to the brave Egyptians who faced down one of the world’s most brutal regimes. Your bravery and determination is humbling and inspirational.

Update: Apparently Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has jumped on the bandwagon:

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2 Responses to My favourite #Egypt revolution tweets

  1. I saw a Dutch joke on Twitter about Mubarak, once dead, meeting Nasser and Sadat in Heaven. “How come? Assassinated? Poisoned?” “No. Facebook.”

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