Ex-Minister: Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing

The Swedish newspaper Expressen has interviewed Libya’s former Justice Minister, who claims that Colonel Gaddafi ordered Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi to carry out the Lockerbie bombing.

Expressen‘s reporter Kassem Hamadé is one of the first foreign journalists to have entered Libya after the uprising against Gaddafi’s regime. Today he had a 40-minute interview with Mustafa Mohamed Abud Al Jeleil, who resigned as Justice Minister on Monday in protest at the regime’s excessive violence against protesters.

Mr Jeliel told Expressen “I have evidence that Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie. To hide his role he did everything in his power to get Megrahi back from Scotland. He [Gaddafi] ordered Megrahi to do it [the bombing].”

Mr Megrahi was given a life sentence for carrying out the bombing but was released on humanitarian grounds in 2009 because he was in the advanced stages of prostate cancer and was thought to have only a few months left to live. Mr Megrahi is according to the latest information still alive in Libya.

Expressen will print the interview in Thursday’s paper.

Please note: this is not a direct translation of the Expressen article, but I have translated every word attributed to Mr Jeliel.

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5 Responses to Ex-Minister: Gaddafi ordered Lockerbie bombing

  1. Thanks for translating and sharing this. I think “I have evidence” sounds a bit weak though, especially given the fact that Mr Al Jeleil has recently started to have, to put it mildly, a strong dislike for Mr Gadaffi. (And rightly so, of course.) Do you know if he hinted at what this evidence would be, or whether this is a consequence of (presumably) translating from Arabic, via Swedish, to English?

    • Niklas Smith says:

      Thanks for your comment. There is no explanation of what kind of evidence he refers to, but I trust the reporter made sure he knew what Mr Jeliel meant. The Swedish word “bevis” means “evidence”, though some people are translating it as “proof” (which in Swedish would be something like “slutgiltigt bevis”).

      Expressen hasn’t given any more detail, and says to follow developments on their website.

  2. Katie Taylor says:

    Great report Niklas! Thanks for sharing your translation.

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