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Två bra bloggar om omvalet

Som uppföjlning till mina egna tankar, här är lite tips om bra läsning om regionvalet i Västra Götaland. Sophia Blomqvist är inne på samma tankegångar som jag om att det är politikernas uppdrag att ställa tydliga alternativ mot varandra, men … Continue reading

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Review: The credit crunch as an inside job

Inside Job, film by Charles Ferguson (director), narrated by Matt Damon. Available for pre-order as DVD. Enough oceans of ink have been spilled in attempts to explain the credit crunch (or condemn whoever the author thinks is responsible) to make … Continue reading

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Klaga på politikerna, inte väljarna

Det går inte att komma undan att valresultatet i omvalet till Västra Götalandsregionen var en besvikelse för i princip alla förutom Sverigedemokraterna och möjligen Miljöpartiet. Särskilt det låga valdeltagandet (44%) har fått många att beskriva regionvalet som en nederlag för … Continue reading

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Justice at last for Ian Tomlinson

Today is a good day for British justice. The Crown Prosecution Service has finally changed its deeply flawed decision not to prosecute PC Simon Harwood for any offence in connection with the death of Ian Tomlinson. PC Harwood will now … Continue reading

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Investing in poker and gambling on the stock market

There’s nothing like a research paper by Steven Levitt (of Freakonomics fame) to make you stop and think. This time he’s weighed in to the debate on whether poker is a game of chance or a game of skill. As … Continue reading

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Cogito ergo Gahrton

Idag har Per Gahrton och Mikael Malmaeus från gröna tankesmedjan Cogito skrivit en debattartikel i Göteborgs-Posten om hur man kan växla till en hållbar ekonomi utan tillväxt. Jag förundras alltid över den dåliga argumentationen som kommer fram när folk börjar … Continue reading

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Thank you for the music, Don Foster

Now for some good news: Don Foster has managed to get the Coalition’s drive against red tape to include the scrapping of Live Event Licences for most venues. The current regime is an unnecessary burden on small venues where live … Continue reading

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Bernard-Henri Lévy’s sexism with a human face

Let me introduce you to Bernard-Henri Lévy. You might like him. Rather than joining the fashionable Marxist currents in the Left during and after 1968, he led a group of left-wing philosophers fiercely critical of the authoritarianism inherent in Marxism. … Continue reading

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Why Nadine Dorries is so wrong about sexual abuse and “saying No”

Nadine Dorries is a loose cannon when it comes to sexual politics. But while it’s easy to be offended by her outbursts, it isn’t as obvious as it should be how much harm they can do. This terrific open letter … Continue reading

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They Strauss-Kahn’t believe it

Perhaps they shouldn’t surprise anyone, but the instant cries of “it’s a conspiracy” that meet rape allegations against powerful and famous people always make me angry. We’ve had Whoopi Goldberg’s infamous “it wasn’t rape-rape” defence of Roman Polanski, and the … Continue reading

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