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Review: Das Rheingold, by Wagner, at the Wermland Opera

Das Rheingold [The Rhine Gold], opera in four scenes and introduction of Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen [The Ring of the Nibelung]. Performed at the Wermland Opera in Karlstad, 27 June 2011. The news that one of Sweden’s smaller … Continue reading

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Reaganite Eddie: how Ed Balls is adopting Reagan’s tax policy

Today Ed Balls followed the footsteps of Ronald Reagan in demanding a tax cut to stimulate the economy. Yes, you read that correctly. Part of “Reaganomics” was the contention that cutting tax rates would stimulate the economy so that tax … Continue reading

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Why is Julian Glover so miserable about imported trains?

Miserable news that new Thameslink trains to be imported from Germany rather than made in UK's last train factory in Derby — Julian Glover (@julian_glover) June 16, 2011 A familiar gripe from an unexpected source. The Guardian’s Julian Glover, usually … Continue reading

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On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a hoax

So. Farewell then Amina Arraf. In some ways it’s a relief that you weren’t really a gay girl in Damascus, since it means you weren’t abducted by Assad’s thugs and subjected to the sort of unspeakable treatment that they specialise … Continue reading

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