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Why should a politician resign for taking drugs?

Mark Thompson uses the resurfacing of an allegation that George Osborne once took cocaine to make a direct hit on the hypocrisy of British drugs laws. Clearly many people in Britain seem to expect that a politician should resign for … Continue reading

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Storbritannien följer Sverige och går över till evidensbaserad blodgivning

Idag har den brittiske koalitionsregeringen gjort det lättare för män som har sex med män (MSM) att ge blod. Tills nu har det vara förbjudet för MSM att ge blod eftersom smittrisken ansågs vara för hög. Men efter grundlig utredning … Continue reading

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Two Lib Dem bloggers in the Financial Times

Yesterday Nick Thornsby and I were lucky enough to get letters printed in the Financial Times. Nick wrote a letter on the 50p tax rate that was published in the UK print edition. He argued that abolishing the 50p tax … Continue reading

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Introducing the Nick Clegg Archive

Few things on the internet are as frustrating as a broken link to something you would like to read. This sad fate has befallen many of Nick Clegg’s early speeches, so I thought I could provide a useful service by … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg Archive: Clegg calls for radical grassroots innovation in public services

Speech by Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrats’ Manifesto Conference, 12 January 2008 Today is a crucial step in the creation of a new liberal manifesto for Britain. Gordon Brown’s bottling of the autumn election has handed us a tremendous … Continue reading

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Shout out for Syria

Early in the morning of 24 August, a man was dragged out of his car by masked members of Syrian security services in Damascus. He was viciously beaten, mainly on his hands. His name is Ali Ferzat, and he is … Continue reading

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