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Two Lib Dem bloggers in the Financial Times

Yesterday Nick Thornsby and I were lucky enough to get letters printed in the Financial Times. Nick wrote a letter on the 50p tax rate that was published in the UK print edition. He argued that abolishing the 50p tax … Continue reading

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Quantitative easing and insanity

As the recovery stutters in Europe and America many people (especially in the financial markets) are hoping Ben Bernanke will reflate the wheezing economy with a third round of quantitative easing (QE3). So far he has stopped short of promising … Continue reading

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Letter to the FT: The MPC knows what it’s doing

Sir, There are some mistakes in Sir Michael Darrington’s letter urging for interest rates to be raised. Sir Michael writes that the MPC “has only one objective”: to keep inflation under 2 per cent. In fact, the Bank of England … Continue reading

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