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Are hyper-injunctions compatible with the Human Rights Act?

Cross-posted from Liberal Democrat Voice. “Justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.” That famous aphorism is commonly quoted, though perhaps not in the courts that hand down hyper-injunctions whose very existence … Continue reading

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What a hyper-injunction looks like

I never thought I would be writing these words about a British court, but here goes. In this country a court can make an injunction that not only prevents those involved in a case from talking about its details or … Continue reading

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Libya resolution shows the “responsibility to protect” in action

Until now, the United Nations has failed to uphold the promises it has made to vulnerable people around the world by adopting the principle of the “responsibility to protect“. By passing Resolution 1973 last night, it is finally putting the … Continue reading

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Recension: Sånt som brinner, av Jenny Almsenius

Jag hade turen att lära känna Jenny Almsenius för drygt fem år sen när hon gick på Nordiska Visskolan vid Nordiska folkhögskolan, där jag också pluggade (fast på annan linje). Redan då var hon en av höjdpunkterna i vislinjens elevkonserter … Continue reading

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The disgraceful witch-hunt against Muhammad Yunus

Yesterday’s attempt by the Bangladeshi government to oust Muhammad Yunus from Grameen Bank is a new low in that country’s grubby politics. Using the pretext that the 70-year-old Mr Yunus is past the usual retirement age of 60, the bank’s … Continue reading

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